Our firm rejects the idea that reporting results is the only, or primary, responsibility of the CPA. Financial planning, the preparation of projections and forecasts, should constitute an important management tool for every small to medium size business. We offer to become that team member which frequently cannot be afforded in-house, but which becomes so vital to the growth and success of any business.


Being current with changes in the tax laws as well as newly enforced administrative practices of the I.R.S. requires constant updating. Our tax department is diligent in keeping abreast of the latest developments almost as soon as they occur. Keeping profits, as well as earning them, becomes the goal of every enlightened manager. Our staff prides itself on expertise in this important specialty and considers tax planning to be as important as tax reporting.


An audit, as performed by most CPA firms, is often viewed as a necessary evil for small and medium size businesses. In contrast, we regard the audit as our opportunity to be helpful and instructive in ways which may not otherwise be available to our clients. For example, an audt includes a review of internal controls. The result of such a review would validate their adequacy as well as highlight any areas where improvements are necessary.


Management consulting is not strictly an accounting function. Our team member approach to client services provides valuable input in many key management decisions including such things as the creation of business plans, establishing the appropriate computer systems, and assisting with aquisitions and mergers. The fact that we specialize in certain industries better equips us to achieve a higher level of understanding which can contribute to our client's objectives in a variety of ways.


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